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Colombia Las Margaritas Sudan Rume Natural


Country: Colombia
Region: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
Producer: Granja La Esperanza
Farm: Las Margaritas
Altitude: 4,600 – 6,600 feet
Variety: Sudan Rume
Process: Natural


Complex flavors of fresh blueberry and strawberry, guava nectar, caramel and brandy.


We have offered many coffees from Finca Las Margaritas in recent years. Some of you may recall a natural processed Bourbon variety coffee which we offered at the beginning of the year. Now we present another dried-in-the-fruit natural lot from this highly-regarded farm. This time the variety is the extraordinarily rare Sudan Rume.

Sudan Rume (also known as Rume Sudan) is an ancient heirloom variety, originating from the Boma Plateau of present day South Sudan. The plateau is located on the Ethiopian border, where the variety still grows wild in the region’s forests. Historically cultivated for use as genetic material in the hybridization process; it’s great cup quality, broad genetic pool and disease resistance has long contributed to better known hybrids such as SL28. Due to its relatively low yields, we tend not to see Sudan Rume propagated widely.

Some coffee farmers, such as our friends at Granja La Esperanza, are willing to cope with the low yields if it means producing coffee with outstanding flavor. Granja La Esperanza owns and operates a small collection of farms, including the award-winning farm Cerro Azul. Las Margaritas functions as a laboratory, where different varieties and processing methods can be tested and evaluated for implementation on their other farms.

The natural method of processing was once virtually unheard of in Colombia. This method of processing results in a green (unroasted) coffee that used to be considered suspect in the eyes of the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers. In the past, this unusual looking green coffee would have been refused for export. Due to pressure from coffee growers such as Granja La Esperanza, the Federation now routinely approves select natural processed lots.