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Colombia Risaralda Single-Origin Espresso


Country: Colombia
Region: Risaralda
Altitude: 5,250 - 6,250 Feet
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed


A crisp citrus acidity is balanced by flavors of bing cherry, milk chocolate and nutmeg.


We selected this washed process lot from Colombia as our latest single-origin espresso offering. It was produced by small-holder farmers in the Risaralda Department of Central Colombia. We have been sourcing coffee from this region for many years and have witnessed consistent improvements in quality; a testament to the producers’ commitment and willingness to experiment with different processing methods.

Located amongst the slopes of the Andes Mountain range, Risaralda possesses the high altitude and defined wet and dry seasons conducive to producing high quality coffee, and this coffee is no exception! So we were not surprised to confirm that it tastes great when roasted and prepared as espresso. A crisp citrus acidity is balanced by flavors of fruit-toned chocolate and a creamy body. As our lightest roasted espresso this coffee tastes great on its own but, also possesses the balance and depth to stand up to milk.