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Colombia Las Margaritas Tekisic


Country: Colombia
Region: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
Producer: Granja La Esperanza
Farm: Las Margaritas
Altitude: 4,600 – 6,600 feet
Variety: Bourbon Tekisic
Process: Washed


Floral-toned flavors of mandarin orange, lemon, sugarcane and butterscotch.


We have offered many coffees from Finca Las Margaritas over the years. This time around we present Tekisic, an uncommon selection of Bourbon variety coffee from this highly-regarded farm. Produced by our friends at Granja La Esperanza, a group that owns and operates a small collection of farms in Colombia and Panama, including the award winning farm Cerro Azul. Las Margaritas functions as a laboratory, where different varieties and processing methods can be tested and evaluated for implementation on their other farms.

The Tekisic selection of Bourbon was isolated and bred by the Salvadorian Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) where it was finally released for planting in 1977 after 28 years in development. The name Tekisic was derived from the word tekiti, which means “work” in the Nahuatl language and the acronym ISIC. It is a lesser-known coffee cultivar that has the potential for great flavor but, unfortunately some of the same disease susceptibility as the parent Bourbon. It is planted widely in El Salvador and we have seen the coffee in neighboring Central American countries, notably Guatemala. It’s also made its way to Finca Las Margaritas in Colombia where the results have been exceptional.