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Costa Rica Gillio Ferraro


Country: Costa Rica
Region: Zarcero, West Valley
Farm: El Espino
Altitude: 5,800 feet
Variety: Caturra
Process: White Honey


Flavors of milk chocolate, mixed berries, cherry and nectarine


We have been roasting coffee produced by the inimitable Gillio Francesa Ferraro for the last six years. Historically we offered this coffee under the name, El Espino, which is the name of his small collection of farms and milling operation. This year, for the first time, we are celebrating Gillio himself by offering the coffee using his own name! It has been a couple of years since we have had the opportunity to visit with Gillio in person. The last time we stopped by his home, the amiable octogenarian shared his philosophical outlook on life and farming. His easygoing nature translates seamlessly to his coffee – complex and effortlessly complete.

Gillio’s coffee displays richness and sweetness, with fruity nuances that result in perfectly balanced flavor. This coffee tastes great on its own but, also plays well with other coffees in blends. In years past, we have included it in seasonal blends, such as Snow Leopard, Eye of the Tiger and Holiday Blend. This lot was processed on Gillio’s mobile coffee mill, which is so small, it fits onto a trailer. Gillio focuses on one method of processing, which most closely resembles the yellow honey method. This take on the pulped natural method of processing simply means that some of the fruit mucilage is left on the bean before drying. When done right, as with this lot, it can result in more fruit-like intensity than traditional washed coffees.