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Decaf Eye of the Tiger


Country: Colombia, Brazil
Process: Washed, Pulped-Natural, Natural


Flavors of cherry, vanilla and butterscotch.


Decaf Eye of the Tiger is a seasonally evolving espresso blend that features in-season coffees. This version is built around a delicious coffee from Finca La Pradera in Colombia. Having offered coffee from La Pradera before, we were excited to taste this decaffeinated lot and were surprised by how much of its original character was retained through the decaffeination process. We thought its nuanced fruit flavors and richness would be perfect to highlight in this espresso blend. For balance, we included a smooth coffee from Brazil that helps round out the edges and add body to the cup which is especially important in an espresso blend.

We originally developed this seasonal decaffeinated espresso for our cafes, where we continue to serve it in all five Bay Area locations. We think of it as a delicious espresso that just
happens to be decaffeinated. Both components are decaffeinated using the water processed method.