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El Salvador Los Pirineos Bourbon


Country: El Salvador
Region: Berlín, Usulutan Department
Producer: Gilberto Recinos Baraona
Farm: Los Pirineos
Altitude: 6,200 feet
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed


Rich with flavors of apple, honey and semisweet chocolate.


We are happy to present another fine coffee from Finca Los Pirineos, a testament to the decade long partnership with farm owner Gilberto Baraona. Over the years we have featured various coffees from Los Pirineos but, year after year we return to the Bourbon variety which the farm is best known for. This time we are offering a fully washed Bourbon lot that provides the perfect balance of richness and fruit flavors.

Named in honor of the Pyrenees, the mountain range that serves as a natural border between Spain and France, Finca Los Pirineos is the mountainous divide between the coffee towns of Santiago de María and Berlín, located in central El Salvador on the slopes of Tecapa Volcano. By some accounts, cultivation of coffee on the farm started in 1890, but whatever the exact date, the farm has been owned by Gilberto’s family for well over a century. Although specializing in heirloom variety Bourbon, an additional 94 varieties of coffee are maturing in a test nursery next to the mill. Initial results of these experimental plots are beginning to come in, with the goal of identifying the best varieties for planting elsewhere on the farm. In the coming years, we look forward to seeing how these new coffee verities naturalize on the farm.