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El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Kenya-Style Washed


Country: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Producer: Aida Batlle
Farm: Finca Kilimanjaro
Altitude: 5,200 – 5,650 feet
Variety: Bourbon, Kenia
Process: Kenya-style washed


Bright and complex with flavors of nectarine, mandarin orange, cinnamon and flowers.


Finca Kilimanjaro is owned and operated by Aida Batlle, a fifth-generation coffee farmer who has gained a great deal of notoriety within coffee industry over the years. She entered her coffee in the very first El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition in 2003, making a splash by placing two winning lots, including first place for Finca Kilimanjaro. Since then she has garnered admiration for her commitment to quality and transparency, as well as for providing high wages, health care and other benefits for her workers.

We have been working with Aida for several years – for this lot we asked if she would use her Kenya-style washing method. This way of processing involves 48 hours of dry fermentation, with added water and slight agitation every 12 hours, followed by washing and then another 24 hours of soaking in clean water. The resulting cup is outstanding! Lots of complexity, tons of sweetness and penetrating acidity.

Located high in the hills above the town of Santa Ana, Finca Kilimanjaro (named by Aida’s father after the famous mountain in Tanzania) is planted with the Bourbon variety coffee, as well as what is rumored to be a mysterious cultivar imported from Kenya some seven decades ago. Could it be the renowned SL28, or a descendant of the original French Mission Bourbon? We may never know the true answer, but what we do know is this mysterious lineage in combination with high altitude and exceptional farm practices create a cup that is great tasting and exhibits some of the characteristics of a fine Kenya coffee.