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Ethiopia Biftu Gudina


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro, Jimma Zone
Producer: Biftu Gudina Cooperative
Altitude: 5,900-7,000 feet
Variety: Local heirloom varieties
Process: Washed


Delicate yet complex, with flavors honey, gardenia and blackberry.


Established in 2012, the cooperative Biftu Gudina is located in the Agaro Region in Western Ethiopia. The group has been expanding slowly, and now has well over 150 members, which is considered tiny by Ethiopia standards. Before the construction of their own wet mill and drying beds, farmers had to walk their cherries over five miles down a muddy road to the nearest town. During the long walk the coffee cherries would often ferment, resulting in poor quality and low prices. Along with their mill, one of the first projects the co-op undertook was construction of a gravel road connecting the new mill to the town of Beshesha.

In the local Oromo language, Biftu means “morning sun” and Gudina means “growth” or “development.”