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Eye of the Tiger Espresso


Country: Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia
Process: Washed


Juicy with floral-toned flavors of green apple, grape, lime and cane sugar.


The latest edition of our seasonally evolving espresso blend is here. For those unfamiliar with the Eye of the Tiger concept, we do not attempt to maintain a fixed flavor profile for this blend, as we do with our year-round espresso blends. Instead we work with in-season coffees to develop a blend that shows off the flavors of the component coffees. If you have had the opportunity to taste Eye of the Tiger Espresso over the first few months of 2017, this version is a bit of a departure. Look for lighter fruit flavors and more floral aromatics.

We built the blend around a well-rounded, washed coffee from the Inza municipality, which is located in Colombia’s Cauca Department along the Huila border. The lot combines the production of many smallholders and exhibits sweet fruit flavors, spice, balance and body. Next, we added an intensely floral coffee from the famed Yirgacheffe growing region. Also grown by smallholder farmers, this lot hails from the Torea area. This town and surrounding region is known for its staggering heights, as much as 8,200 feet above sea level! For added brightness, intensity and even more fruit complexity, we included a coffee from Kenya’s Kiambu region.

Together the blend components result in a great tasting espresso that we enjoy on its own, as well as in milk-based drinks. We will roast this version of Eye of the Tiger only as long as the blend components last.