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Finca Sophia


Country: Panama
Region: Nueva Suiza, Volcan
Producer: Brooke McDonnell, Helen Russell, Willem Boot
Farm: Sophia
Altitude: 6,250-7,000 feet
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed


Flavors of peach, papaya, tea rose and milk chocolate.


***First roast date will be Nov. 1st.

We are thrilled to present the 2017 harvest of coffee from our very own farm, Finca Sophia. Located in the highlands of Panama at an altitude that tops 2,100 meters, it is the highest farm in Central America. Founded in 2008, Finca Sophia is planted exclusively with the rare and celebrated Gesha variety. Pairing this legendary coffee variety with this extreme altitude, yields a one of a kind coffee. In 2016 our first harvest of Finca Sophia was selected as a Good Food Awards winner. If that wasn’t enough, this season, Finca Sophia won the prestigious Best of Panama coffee competition, in the highly competitive Washed Gesha category. With this award, Finca Sophia now ranks as one of the best coffee farms in Panama.