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French Roast Fair Trade Organic


USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified


Rich and smoky with flavors of bittersweet chocolate, dried plum and walnut.


A non-traditional take on a classic dark roast concept. The goal with this blend is to develop delicate smoky nuances while retaining sweetness, richness and fruit-toned chocolate flavors. The blend highlights a coffee from Latin America that is bright-toned with chocolaty and spicy flavors. We add a smooth coffee from Sumatra to provide balance and richness to the blend. A sweet fruit-toned coffee from Ethiopia is included to contribute aromatic nuance. All of the component coffees are certified organic and Fair Trade.

Our French Roast blend has been known as Alligator French for many years. Although we are retiring the Alligator moniker, the blend remains virtually unchanged under this updated blend name.