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Gesha Espresso Single-Variety


Region: Colombia, Guatemala, Panama
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed, Honey


A complex range of flavors including toffee, hibiscus flowers, watermelon, guava, and clementine.


Last year we offered a special limited-time Gesha variety espresso in our cafes for the week of Valentine’s Day. This year we decided to share the love for an entire month! For the month of March, you can visit any of Equator’s seven Bay Area cafes and taste the famous Gesha variety coffee pulled as an espresso. Whether you prefer a straight shot or cappuccino, you won’t want to pass up this rare opportunity to taste a Gesha coffee in espresso format.
The idea originated from our regular quality assurance practices. Before we introduce a new coffee, we roast test batches and evaluate them on the cupping table. When we’re finished with our evaluations, the left-over coffee sometimes makes its way over to the espresso grinder. Whenever we taste a batch of Gesha variety coffee as espresso, the discussion turns its way toward finding ways to share this special experience with our customers.

For this offering we combined three lots of Gesha variety coffee from some of Latin America’s most famous coffee producers: washed lots from Colombia’s Granja La Esperanza and Guatemala’s El Injerto, and a honey processed lot from the Lamastus Family’s Finca El Burro in Panama. The coffees all highlight different variations of the floral and fruit flavors Gesha coffees are known for, which come across clearly and intensely when prepared as espresso.
We didn’t want everyone who lives outside the area or buys coffee online to miss this special espresso. Due to limited supply, we will roast this coffee just for the month of March, or until supplies run out.