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Holiday Blend


Country: Ethiopia and Guatemala
Process: Washed and Natural


Smooth with a complex range of flavors that include strawberry, cherry, sweet lemon, and buttery graham cracker pie crust.


This year our seasonal Holiday Blend is inspired by a beautifully floral-toned coffee from Ethiopia. This washed process lot was produced by the cooperative Biftu Gudina which is located within the Agaro district in Western Ethiopia. Established in 2012, the small group has just over 150 members, which is considered tiny by Ethiopia standards. Before the construction of their own wet mill and drying beds, farmers had to walk their cherries over five miles down a muddy road to the town of Beshesha. The next project the co-op undertook was construction of a gravel road connecting their new mill to the nearest town. In the local Oromo language, Biftu means “morning sun” and Gudina means “growth” or “development.”

To round out the blend and build complexity, we added two coffees from opposite ends of Guatemala. From the Antigua growing region, we included a wet-processed coffee from our friends at Finca El Valle, which is owned and operated by third coffee farmer Cristina Gonzalez and her three sons. In 2014 Equator cosponsored a Kickstarter campaign to help El Valle recover from the impact of the leaf rust fungus known as roya. The recovery process has been slow, and production remained small again this year. The coffee adds balance and sweetness to the blend. Finally, from Huehuetenango, a natural process coffee from El Injerto, one of the world’s most famous farms (winner or seven first place Cup of Excellence awards!) With natural coffees, the seeds are dried-in-the-fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed. This coffee brings smoothness and a range of fruity nuances to the blend.

This complex coffee is sure to compliment after dinner desserts and inspire many brisk mornings this holiday season. We will feature this coffee throughout November and December, to keep you going throughout the holiday season.