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Honduras Maria Adilia Trochez


Country: Honduras
Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Producer: Beneficio San Vicente
Farm: Maria Adilia Trochez
Altitude: 5,200-5,350 feet
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Process: Washed


Flavors of green apple, pear, mango and toasted almond.


This is the second year that we are offering coffee from Maria Adilia Trochez’s farm. Her farm is located on the slopes of Mt. Santa Barbara above Lake Yojoa, a growing region that regularly places winning coffees in the Honduras Cup of Excellence competition. Her small one-hectare farm is still recovering from leaf rust disease and in years past, the coffee was simply bulked together with other lots and sold as commercial grade. Last year was the first time she improved quality enough to sell the coffee as a micro lot.

Maria’s sons, who own adjoining farms, increased the quality of their own coffee in conjunction with Beneficio San Vicente’s micro lot program. They recognized the rewards of their added effort and encouraged their mother to join the program as well. Owned by the Paz family, Beneficio San Vicente is a coffee mill located in the town of Peña Blanca. Benjamin, Arturo and David Paz work with participants of the micro lot program to improve quality by helping with agronomic practices, processing and drying of their coffee. Producers can then determine their coffee’s quality potential and if the investment of limited resources is worth the additional income. Because of their hard work and dedication to quality, the price Maria Adilia received again this year was three times what she used to sell her coffee for.

We discovered this delicious coffee a couple of years ago while visiting our partners at San Vicente. After tasting dozens of coffees from producers throughout the region, this lot was among our favorites. We had the pleasure of meeting Maria Adilia and visiting her farm, where we were hospitably treated to a glass of banana soda. We look forward to seeing Maria Adilia again and are excited to share this exclusive offering with you.