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Jaguar Espresso Fair Trade Organic


Country: Peru, Sumatra, Ethiopia
Process: Washed and Natural


USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified


Rich-toned and with flavors of bittersweet chocolate, spices, apricot and hazelnut.


Jaguar is a complex espresso blend that combines organic and Fair Trade certified coffees from the world’s major growing regions: Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia. With this blend we take a new world approach to a traditional-style espresso. Our goal is to develop dark chocolate-toned, fruit and spice inflected flavors that results in an espresso that is sweet enough to taste great on its own, while maintaining enough richness and intensity to stand up to milk.

We start with fully washed coffee from Latin America as the foundation of the blend. The origin country changes throughout the crop year but, we always use coffees that provide clarity and sweetness. For balance and complexity we add dry processed coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia and wet hulled coffee from the Gayo Mountain region, located in Sumatra’s Aceh province. Together these coffees provide the rich, full flavors that we have come to expect in Jaguar Espresso.