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Myanmar, Moegok


Country: Myanmar
Region: Moegok, Pyin Oo Lwin
Producer: Mandalay Coffee Group
Altitude: 3,770 feet
Variety: SL-34, S-795
Process: Washed


Sweet and balanced with flavors of bing cherry, cola and cinnamon.


Myanmar is a country shrouded in mystery that has an unfortunate history of political corruption and civil war. Although democratic elections began in 2010, it is believed corruption and voter fraud are ongoing issues. In the meantime, sanctions imposed long ago by western countries are being lifted and foreign aid has begun pouring in. This economic stimulation, coupled with the savviness and determination of the country’s coffee producers, these changes have enabled Myanmar to join the international specialty coffee market.

We are excited to be featuring our first coffee from Myanmar, which comes from the Moegok township in the Pyin Oo Lwin region. This coffee was produced by members of the Mandalay Coffee Group, an organization that has driven the rise of specialty coffee in Myanmar. In conjunction with the international coffee community, the Mandalay Coffee Group is providing farmers with infrastructure, financing and education geared towards improving processing practices and quality. This has taken their coffee from commercial to specialty grade in a single season! Their focus on meticulous processing creates a crisp, clean coffee that is nicely balanced with flavors of cherry, cola and cinnamon.

With such a huge improvement in quality in such a short amount of time, the future of specialty coffee in Myanmar looks promising, as does the future of the country as a whole.