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Nicaragua Jinotega Espresso


Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Altitude: 3,800 - 3,800 feet
Variety: Caturra, Javanica
Process: Washed


Flavors of pineapple, brown sugar, coconut and milk chocolate.


Presenting the latest in our ongoing single-origin espresso series. We are pushing the boundaries of what single-origin means for this espresso by combining two distinct lots from Nicaragua. For most coffee drinkers, there nothing controversial about this statement but, it should be stated there are some who believe a single-origin espresso should be from one farm or co-op. In this case, we are celebrating the country of origin and specifically the well-respected coffee growing regions of Jinotega.

The foundation of this blend is a bright and citrusy coffee from the farm La Bastilla, which is approximately 12.5 miles from the town of Jinotega, next to the Cerro Datanlí el Diablo nature reserve. The farm covers nearly 770 acres, of which 445 acres are currently dedicated to the production of coffee. The remaining acreage is mostly primary forests but, also includes an area used by La Bastilla Agricultural Technical School. This Caturra variety lot comes from a plot of land known a La Llamada, which is located at the farm’s highest elevation. La Bastilla earned Rainforest Alliance Certification in 2003 and has an ongoing program of quality, environmental and social improvement.

The second coffee in the blend is Javanica
Santa Maura Estate Farm has over 85 years under the control of the Chavez Family and started out as an estate of a reduced minimum production. Nowadays it produces in a single day the same quantity it was producing 85 years ago during the whole crop: thanks to technological changes, labor intensity and increased availability of financial resources for the production the quantity and quality were enhanced.

As our lightest roasted espresso this coffee tastes great on its own but also possesses the balance and depth to stand up to milk.