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Panama Elida Estate Natural


Country: Panama
Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Producer: Wilford Lamastus
Farm: Elida Estate
Altitude: 5,600-6,000 feett
Variety: Catuai
Process: Natural


Silky with flavors of papaya, butterscotch and brandy.


Once again we are featuring a delicious coffee from Wilford Lamastus’ farm, Elida Estate. The Lamastus family is continuing their tradition of racking up awards for their outstanding coffees. In this year’s annual Best of Panama coffee competition, the Lamastus family won four awards – including two prizes for Elida Estate and, for their other farm, El Burro another two awards.

Our long partnership with the Lamastus family yielded this Catuai variety coffee, which was processed by the natural method and displays a great deal of sweetness. This year the coffee is a bit more nuanced than in years past, showing delicate brandy-like characteristic and a range of tropical fruit notes.

Located in the Boquete growing region, Elida Estate has been in the Lamastus family for three generations. Shade trees have been planted throughout the farm, and are maintained to protect the coffee and also to provide a bird-friendly habitat to the many native and migratory species in the area. The high elevation of the farm and micro climate of the region extends the ripening period of the coffee cherry, slowing development of the coffee seeds within. This slow maturation tends to yield denser coffee beans with more complex flavors.