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Snow Leopard


Country: Guatemala, Honduras
Process: Washed


Flavors of pear, honey, and dark chocolate with delicate hints of citrus.


Snow Leopard is a seasonal blend that gives us the opportunity to take single origin coffees we enjoy on their own and combine them in unique ways to create something delicious!

The latest rendition of the blend features a coffee from Honduras that has become a team favorite over the past few years. Producer Anibal Pineda has a small farm on the slopes of Mt. Santa Barbara above Lake Yojoa, just outside the small town of Peña Blanca. On our last visit with Anibal and his family, we witnessed the meticulous care they took to produce this coffee. Its vibrant lime-like acidity and flavors of pear and dark honey create a perfect foundation to build around.

We then added a richly nuanced coffee from Finca Santa Sofia, a farm situated above the town of Tactic in Guatemala’s Alta Verapaz Department. High elevation and a unique microclimate have created a set of challenges for owner Pablo Ferrigno and his team. They have managed to adapt by harvesting coffee in small increments as cherries ripen over a nine-month period. Finca Santa Sofia’s flavors of baker’s chocolate and spice coupled with its creamy body perfectly complement the Honduras’ fruitiness and assertive acidity.

This blend will only be available for a limited time -- as long as supplies of the component coffees last. Due to the increasing popularity of Snow Leopard, we now offer this evolving seasonal blend on an ongoing basis.