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Sumatra Tano Batak


Country: Indonesia
Region: Dolok Sanggul, Lintong, North Sumatra
Farm: Smallholders
Altitude: 4,000 - 5,000 feet
Variety: Arabe, Bergendal, Jember, Typica
Process: Wet Hulled


Flavors of grapefruit, melon, blackberry, hops and milk chocolate.


Tano Batak translates to Land of Batak. Hailing from the ethnic Batak region of North Sumatra, this Lintong-area coffee has beautiful rustic fruit notes that makes it distinct from the more common earth-toned Sumatra coffees. The town of Lintong is located to the southwest of Lake Toba, it is a well-known coffee producing area but, also used as a trade name with loose geographic boundaries.The Batak people have been living near Lake Toba for centuries and have been working with coffee since it was brought to this region in the late 1600s.Collected from smallholders and processed in the town of Dolok Sanggul by the wet-hulled method, an unorthodox technique that involves removal of the coffees parchment layer before the coffee is fully dried. Finish drying takes place in the green bean form, which is unheard of in most of the worlds coffee producing countries. In addition to variety, altitude and environmental factors, it is believed that wet hulling contributes to the unique flavor profile Sumatra coffees are known for.