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El Salvador Finca Himalaya Maracatu Natural


Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapán Department
Producer: Mauricio Arturo Salaverria Caceres
Farm: Finca Himalaya
Altitude: 4,925 feet
Variety: Maracatu
Process: Natural


Flavors of dried cherry, purple grape, molasses and baking spices.


This is the fourth year in a row we are featuring coffee from Mauricio "Moe" Salaverria's farm, Finca Himalaya. This year we are offering a rare Maracatu variety lot that was process using the natural (or dry) method of processing. With the natural method, the coffee fruit is left to dry whole, resulting in smooth, fruit-forward flavors. The Maracatu cultivar is a cross between the Typica derived Maragogype variety, which produces very large beans, and Caturra, a pure dwarf mutation of Bourbon. Keep an eye on our website for some other unique coffees from Finca Himalaya.

In addition to Finca Himalaya, Moe owns and operates several small coffee farms under the banner, Divisadero Café Farms. Coffees from these farms place well in coffee competitions such as Cup of Excellence. The last time Cup of Excellence was held in El Salvador, Moe’s farms won three awards, including fifth place for a coffee from Finca Himalaya! This farm has been in the Salaverria Lagos family since 1875!