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Eye of the Tiger Espresso


Country: Costa Rica, Guatemala and Kenya
Process: Washed and Yellow Honey


Flavors of caramelized peach, semisweet chocolate and accents of mandarin orange.


Presenting the latest edition of our seasonally evolving espresso blend, Eye of
the Tiger. For those unfamiliar with the Eye of the Tiger concept, we do not
attempt to maintain a fixed flavor profile for this blend, as we do with our year-round
espresso blends. Instead, we work with in-season coffees to develop a
blend that shows off the flavors of the component coffees.
This time, we began by focusing on two coffees from Central America. First, from
the town of Zarcero in Costa Rica’s West Valley growing region, we selected a
yellow honey processed lot from Gillo Ferraro’s farm El Espino. We have been
purchasing this coffee for many years and love it for its balance and fruit-toned
chocolate flavors. Grown near the town of Santa Maria de Jesus in Guatemala’s
Sacatepéquez region, the second coffee if from the farm La Guadalupe. After
harvesting farm owner Emilio Dalponte sees that the coffee is transported to the
Nueva Esperanza mill in neighboring Antigua for processing. We like this coffee
for its bright citrus and creamy caramel-like flavors. To compliment these Central
American coffees, we included a nuanced coffee from Kenya to contribute
complexity and more sweet-toned fruit flavor.
Together these coffees produce delicious flavors of caramelized peaches,
mandarin orange and semisweet chocolate. This espresso tastes great on its own
but, the flavors come through clearly in milk-based drinks as well. We will roast
this version of Eye of the Tiger only as long as the blend components last.