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Eye of the Tiger Espresso


Country: El Salvador, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea
Process: Washed


Flavors of orange marmalade and semi-sweet chocolate with accents of baking spices.


Presenting the latest edition of our seasonally evolving espresso blend, Eye of the Tiger. For those unfamiliar with the Eye of the Tiger concept, we do not attempt to maintain a fixed flavor profile for this blend, as we do with our year-round espresso blends. Instead we work with in-season coffees to develop a blend that shows off the flavors of the component coffees.

This time we built the blend around a rich and complex coffee from Finca Santa Sofia, which is located in the Cobán growing region of Guatemala. Farm owner Pablo Ferrigno is dedicated to producing outstanding coffee despite the many challenges of farming at extremely high elevations. His farm has a starting elevation of 5,800 feet, one of the highest altitude coffee farms in Guatemala. This coffee, which we are also offering as a single-origin, contributes a delicious spiced-chocolate flavor to the espresso. Then we added a sweet, savory and fruit-toned Pacamara variety lot from one of Equator’s oldest farm partnerships, Gilberto Baraona’s Los Pirineos in Usulután, El Salvador. And finally, from Papua New Guinea we included a crisp, citrus-toned coffee from the Nebilyer Valley. This coffee, which was grown on small family farms and processed at the Kuta mill, helps bring out the nuances of the other coffees in the blend.

Together these coffees result in a great tasting espresso that we enjoy on its own, as well as in milk-based drinks. We will roast this version of Eye of the Tiger only as long as the blend components last.