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Tigerwalk Espresso


Country: Colombia, Brazil, Kenya
Process: Washed


Balanced, sweet and creamy with flavors of cherry-toned chocolate, strawberry and lemon.


Reinvented as our flagship espresso in 2011, when we took the roast degree lighter and highlighted sweet fruit forward coffees. Tigerwalk Espresso features three fully washed coffees from Latin America and East Africa. The foundation of the blend is a sweet, silky and balanced coffee from La Cristalina, a cooperative in Colombia located in the town of Guática, in the Risaralda Department. For flavors of citrus and dried berry fruit we include a bright-toned coffee from East Africa. In the winter and spring this component is from Rwanda and in the summer and fall we feature a coffee from Kenya. Finally for richness, body and chocolate-tones, we include a coffee from southern Mexico. These coffees work together to create a well-balanced, creamy espresso with a broad range of delicate fruit flavors.